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We are Kelsey and Damon Smith, a passionate husband and wife team dedicated to providing personalized care for your pet family. We both have over 10 years of experience taking care of animals, and a deep love for them too. 
We genuinely understand the importance of trustworthy and compassionate pet care. We love what we do!! ♥

Who Are We? 

Our Mission 

At the heart of our pet care service is a genuine passion for animals. We are committed to offering exceptional care that exceeds your expectations, ensuring your pets feel content and loved. Rest assured, we'll love and care for your furbabies as if they were our own. Because to us, they're not just pets - they're a part of the family! 

Meet Our Cats!

picture of cat


Chloe is super sweet, mischievous and a little bit insane. She's very much like a dog or a small child. Taking care of her is reminiscent of taking care of a toddler. She's very cuddly and will sleep with you at night. She enjoys sleeping in boxes, paper bags, and underneath any blankets. She will also eat and chew on everything in sight while you aren't looking, especially tiny bits of plastic or earrings. Chloe is very curious about everything that is going on in the house. If you're doing something, she wants to see and know all about it. She's the worst, but also the best and very precious.

picture of cat


Izzy is a very wild cat. She is very independent and often goes off by herself. She's not a huge fan of people, unless it's her family. She enjoys going crazy in the bath tub (not sure why) and just being an overall insane weirdo. She also likes to sit on any paper. If you have a backpack or duffel bag sitting out, she will be sure to sit on that as well. Maybe even sleep on it. She really likes to torture small creatures outside such as squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks. Izzy shows affection in strange ways. Although it takes a very long time to get to know her, once you do she is very very sweet and loyal.

picture of cat


Lily is the classic house cat. She's a little chubby, and very grumpy. But we like to say she is sweet and sour, because she has a nice side as well that only comes out every now and then. She doesn't play much, but enjoys sleeping outside in the sun and eating. She will often be very demanding when it's almost time to eat. She is the leader of demanding food and will encourage her sisters to join in. (It works.) She likes to lay down in any patch of sunlight available and roll her big tummy around. For some reason, she also really likes eating balloon strings as a snack.

Gallery of Our Babies!

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